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Mochi Pounding Exeprience

Pound Your Own Mochi!

Experience Eating Fresh Pounded Mochi You Made Yourself!

The word "Mochi" has become popular recently throughout the world. Mochi ice creams are especially a popular dessert.

Mochi is a sticky rice cake made by steaming glutinous rice called "Mochigome". Then you need to pound the Mochigome while it's hot in order to make Mochi.

In Japan, Mochi Pounding Celebrations are held for special celebrations such as New Year's. For daily Mochi consumptions, Mochi are usually made by machines nowadays. But in order to taste the real deal, you need to pound the Mochigome in a Mortar (Usu) with a Pestle (Kine). Mochi pounded in Mortar makes the Mochi firm, something machines can't achieve.

Even for the Japanese, this experience is a special occasion.

Try your hand in Mochi Pounding!

It'll be a cultural experience you will never forget!

Duration Duration of the Mochi Pounding Experience is about 60-90 minutes. 
Minimum Number of Participants This experience requires at least 10 or more participants.
Transportation Bus pick-up available (additional cost)

Availability and Price Upon Request

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