Dear Foreign Travel Agencies,


Terakoya of Japan creates and plans experience based optional tours in and around the Asuka region and the neighboring cities within Nara Prefecture.

In the Asuka region, especially Kashihara City has a historical importance in Japan since it's the land where the first Emperor reigned. It is said the Kashihara City was the place of origin for Ninja, which has become very popular around the world.

Especially for foreign tourists that have already visited Japan and it's major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, Asuka region is rich with historical and cultural history and full of new discoveries.

Please take a look at what we have to offer and we hope your company will include us in your japan tour itinerary.

Sincerely, Terakoya of Japan

Experience learning

Four Seasons Experience of Japan

What Is Experience-Based Learning Courses?

Experience-Based Learning Courses are short 1 hour segment courses. It's best for those looking to learn about history, traditional culture, and art. It's a short class but we have various Japanese history, traditional culture, and art courses to enjoy. We hope you take this opportunity to learn about Japanese culture.

Four Seasons Experience of Asuka

Four Seasons Experience of Japan

What Is A Seasonal Experience?

We have selected the best spots to experience the four seasons throughout the Asuka region in Nara Prefecture. Please take a look at our beautiful photo's and let us know if any places interest you. We will then recommend the best season and plan to fit your needs. The beautiful photo's doesn't do justice to the actual stunning seasonal spots when seen in person.

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