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Making Kakinoha Zushi

Try your hand in making a unique sushi that originated in Nara Prefecture!

Kakinoha Zushi is part of the Oshi Zushi family. Oshi Zushi is Pressed Sushi.

Kakinoha Zushi is Pressed Sushi Wrapped in Persimmon Leaf.

It is said that Kakinoha Zushi originated in Nara and the mountain areas of Wakayama during the Edo Period.

The original Kakinoha Zushi was made with cured mackerel but nowadays there are versions where they use salmon which is also very popular.

In making Kakinoha Zushi, the fish is treated with salt which preserves the fish and vinaigrette is added and left overnight. Then the slice of fish and sushi rice are wrapped tightly in persimmon leaves which have an antibacterial effect, and again left overnight with a weight on top to press the sushi.

Minimum Number of Participants This requires at least 10 or more participants.  
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