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Hasedera Morning Prayer/Devotional

Experience the 1000 year old tradition of the Morning Prayer Ceremony with more than 20 monks reciting the sutra, which sounds like a grand spiritual orchestra!

  • Hasedera is known for it's largest wooden statue in Japan, The Statue of the Eleven Faced Kannon (or the Goddess of Mercy) is a national treasure.
  • This is a once in a lifetime experience!
  • Hasedera Morning Prayer is a spiritual experience you will never forget.

More than 20 monks are learning, practicing and training at the Hasedera at all times.For the Morning Prayer, more than 20 monks line up at the prayer terrace and recite the sutra and give thanks to everything on Earth. It's a deeply moving experience and the chants by more than 20 monks sounds like a grand spiritual orchestra. At the worship hall the monks bow down to the sun and mountain.

Hasedera is considered a vortex spot since it's the home of The Statue of the Eleven Faced Kannon (or the Goddess of Mercy) which is a national treasure and the biggest wooden statue in Japan. By touching the feet and praying to The Statue of the Eleven Faced Kannon is said to grant your wish. This special hall which houses the Kannon is only opened to the public twice a year.

Hasedera is also famous for it's staircase and their beautiful flowers.

There are 399 stone steps to the temple. Pilgrims who visit the temple believe that when walking the staircase, it helps get rid of the 108 illusions that they believe lead to all human suffering.

The Hasedera Temple is famous for it's beautiful flowers surrounding the grounds. In the spring, more than 700 Chinese peonies are in full bloom which surrounds the staircase. In early April, cherry blossoms become full bloom. And in the fall, the beautiful fall foliage is breathtaking.

Hasedera History:

The temple was first built in 686 and dedicated to Emperor Temmu. In 727 the temple was expanded by order of the Emperor Shomu and The Statue of the Eleven Faced Kannon was placed. The temple has been burned down and rebuilt as many as 10 times since the 10th century.

Duration Duration of the Hasedera Morning Ceremony/Devotional Exercise Experience is about 40-60 minutes.
Date and Time of Experience All year long but the time varies.
From April 1st to September 30th (Summertime) starts from 6:30am.
From October 1st to March 31st (Wintertime) starts from 7am.
*January 1st is closed. 
Minimum Number of Participants This experience requires at least 5 or more participants. (Less than 20) 
Transportation Pick-up and drop-off available (Additional Fee Required) 
Additional Notes Please dress respectfully. (No mini-skirts or shorts)
Please refrain from eating or drinking at the temple.
Please refrain from taking any photographs within the temple or of monks.
Please refrain from talking within the temple. It is very important to maintain a quiet atmosphere.
RemarksAvailability and Price Upon Request

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